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Concealer Pen Waterproof Concealer Concealer Foundation Cream Long Lasting Blemishes Acne Smoothing Moisturizing Makeup Pen

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1. Multi-functional Wonder Pencil that conceals, brightens and lines
2. This product has the ability to hide blemishes, acts as a lip liner to prevent your favorite lip color from bleeding and is an eyeliner that brightens your eyes once you apply it to the waterline
3. Use the Wonder Pencil as a concealer, simply apply the pencil onto your imperfections and blend with a brush or clean fingers.
4. To use it as a lip liner, line the outside of your lips and then fill in with the Wonder Pencil to make your lip color pop.
5. Smooth, full-pigment formula ideal for all skin types.

Color: 3 colors
Shelf life: 3 years
Suitable for skin type: general
Efficacy: Modification
Concealer area: face
Color classification: B02, B03, B04,
Product with packaging size: 15.8*3.8cm.

Package Content:
1 x Pen Concealer