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Double-head concealer

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This healthy-looking make-up matifies your skin and gives it a glow, pigmentation spots disappear, wrinkles and irregularities in the skin are no longer visible. With 80% care ingredients, it makes the skin particularly smooth and silky. No foundation mark on your sweater with its long-lasting hold.

Skin type: mature, sensitive, oily, combination, normal, dry skin

With great opacity
Makeup finish: silky, mat
With a sun protection factor of 15
To use on the face
Spread gently and evenly over the face with your fingertips.

Care effect: caring, refreshing, smoothing
Note: long lasting, waterproof, sweat resistant

Color Guide

# 01 Bright White: light white suitable for type 1 skin

# 02 Ivory White: light white suitable for skin type 1 to 2

# 03 Natural Beige: beige color suitable for skin type 2 to 3

# 04 Dark Brown: brown color suitable for skin type 3 to 4