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Eye Makeup Brush Eye Shadow Brush Set Beginner Nose Shadow Brush Soft Lip Brush

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Product Information:
Makeup brush / brush package single product: eye shadow brush
Set: 5 sticks
Color: white and brown 5 sticks, white and white 5 sticks, white and green 5 sticks, purple and white 5 sticks, purple and brown 5 sticks, purple and green 5 sticks, green brown 5 sticks, green and white 5 sticks, green and green 5 sticks
Suitable for skin type: any skin type
Brush material: wool
Beauty tool classification: eye shadow brush
Efficacy: primer before makeup
Brush handle type: long rod

Packing list:
Smudge brush*1
Oblique eyebrow brush*1
Eyeshadow brush*1
Nose shadow brush*1
Big eye shadow brush*1