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Hot Selling Crystal Acrylic Eyelash Brush

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Product information:

Product Category: Eyelash Brush/Comb
Number of brushes: 1
Brush material: nylon
Brush handle material: Acrylic
Brush handle specifications: short rod
Hair length specification: 4cm
Total length specification: 10cm
Color: white rod—white, white rod—pink, white rod—rose, white rod—blue, white rod—purple, white rod—black, white rod—mixed, color rod—white, color rod—pink, Color rod-red, color rod-blue, color rod-black, color rod-mixed, red rod-pink, red rod-rose, red rod-yellow, red rod-purple, red rod-green, red rod -Blue, Red Rod-Black, Red Rod-Mixed, Red 1, Yellow 1, Rose 1, Blue 1, Green 1, Mixed 1

Packing list:

Acrylic Eyelash Brush*1