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Kegel Exercise Vi-Bra-Tar Women Exercises and Tightening Va-gi-NOL Ball Muscle Tightening Balls Massage G-spot Stimu-Lation SexTays for Women

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Safety: These muscle tightening balls are made of silicone and are waterproof.

Easy to Clean: The balls are Waterproof, with comfortable, soft and smooth surface for easy cleaning and using. Rinse with clean water or soap water and dry with a soft towel or lint-free cloth.

Multiple Ways : Insert this vibrating ball into your va-gi-na to stimu-late your sensitive area, massage it on your cli-toris, or other spot. It also can be used during exercise or yoga.

Exercise: Consistent exercise can contract muscles, prevent prolapse. Keep exercising and it will tighter and stronger pelvic muscles.

Perfect:Kegels exercise help to strengthen and tone the muscles.It's also a helpful mate for your va-gi-na.