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Makeup brush cleaning box

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Appearance color

Product Category: Makeup Brush
Set of brush count: 12
Brush material: rayon
Brush type: silicone
Handle material: wooden handle
Handle specifications: portable
Hair length specification: 1.5cm
Overall length specification: 11cm
Appearance color: pink, purple, rose red, green
Scope of application: Eye shadow brush, loose powder brush, concealer brush, high-gloss brush, blush brush
Uses: Fast deep cleaning makeup brush

Product Name: Makeup Brush Cleaning Box

Material: silicone + PPI filter cotton
Uses: cleaning makeup brush, quick cleaning eye shadow powder, no eye shadow brush
Features: It is made of environmentally friendly silica gel and activated carbon PPI filter cotton. It is resistant to rust and easy to clean. It can inhibit the growth of bacteria. It is small and portable, and has a lovely shape. It is very popular among MMs. Its main features are wet and dry cleaning, suitable for all types of makeup brushes, front sponge for quick removal of dry powder, suitable for eye shadow brush for quick color change; the back is composed of 3 different shapes of lines, suitable for For cleaning different sizes of makeup brushes, such as foundation brushes, blush brushes, etc.