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Makeup mirror

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Style description:

No light: no light mirror, mirror with or without holes

Standard section [plug-in model monochrome light]: plug-in use, no charging function, with stepless dimming

Exceptional [Rechargeable Monochrome]: Charging function, can store electricity, with stepless dimming

Flagship [rechargeable tri-color light]: charging function, can store electricity, with stepless dimming, three kinds of light color variable

Exceptional, with a random delivery on the back with and without a switch.

Charging is not subject to "line"
1 time full charge, 3H/day, can be used for 1 week, rechargeable design,
It is more convenient to move, and it can be placed on the dressing table.
The value of the face and the practicality coexist, the storage space is sufficient, giving the cosmetics a stable home.
LED daylight battery 1200MA mirror surface 15. 6CM chassis storage