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Pink Makeup Primer Isolation Cream Moisturizing Conceal Xia Milk No-face Cream Oil Control Concealer Repair

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Product information:

Net content: 20 (ml/g)
Special purpose cosmetics: No
Shelf life: 3 years
Suitable for skin type: general
Efficacy: moisturizing, oil control, brightening skin tone
Cosmetic features: wlab makeup primer
Texture classification: Cream

1. Moisture compliant to enhance the compliant degree of foundation
Multiple moisturizing essences smooth the surface of the skin, fill in the fine powdery texture deeply, and enhance the conformability of the foundation
2. Brighten and lighten, continue to protect the delicate complexion
Color light particles can brighten even skin tone, dilute and modify facial blemishes, and continue to protect moist and delicate skin tone
3. Refreshing oil control
Long-lasting maintenance of makeup, soft and fine powder texture, easy to apply evenly with the watery dew texture, light and moisturizing, not greasy, keeping away from the embarrassment of floating powder
4. Hide pores
Shaping a natural good skin texture, refreshing and smooth texture, the pores are naturally invisible with one touch, and the skin feels soft, delicate and elastic
5. Natural protection
The skin maintains delicate and smooth, multiple maintenance ingredients, delicate and smooth adjustment of skin tone, long-term isolation of makeup, dirty air and other external pollution

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