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Pure Cotton Cleansing Soft Towel And Makeup Remover Towel

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Product information:

Type: Beauty towel
Material: Changshu cotton
Function: Cleansing

A: Sky blue ribbon dust bag
B: Kitten dust bag
C: Fenxiong dust bag
D: Coffee Bear Dust Bag
E: universal in dust-proof bag with string
F: Blue ribbon dust bag
G: Simple package (with thermoplastic mold packaging)

Item No.: Face Towel Three in One
Packing: bagged
Shelf life: 36 months
Specifications: 130 g (about 32 sheets) box gauge 150,150 g 1 roll (about 38 sheets) box gauge 145,200 g 1 roll (about 53 sheets) box gauge 112,240 g 1 roll (about 66 sheets) box Gauge 88,450g 1 roll (approximately 132 sheets) box gauge 45
Size: 20 X 20cm


Easy to wash and unload, convenient and hygienic

Packing list:

Beauty towel*1