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Quickly Replenish Black Emergency Hair Cream

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Product information:
Efficacy: cover white hair
Color classification: 1# black, 2# brown, 5# purple, 6# blue, 7# brown
Size: 3*2*12.5CM

1. Utilizing advanced import technology, it can quickly adsorb to the hair scales to form a chain structure, achieving a significant effect of covering white hair instantly.
2. Contribute to the maintenance of hair quality. It only takes 1 minute to cover your gray hair.
3. Convenient and easy to use, it will be black once applied, easy to clean, use shampoo to wash your hair.
4. Lipstick-shaped design, easy to carry around. You can restore your hair color in just a few seconds. Whether you are attending important occasions or gathering with friends, you are absolutely confident.
5. After use, the hair is still elastic, natural and soft, and not easy to decolorize.

Packing list:
Hair dye pen*1