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Rainbow Tricolor Makeup Base

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The green tone immediately neutralizes the redness and hides the flaws.

Lavender tones neutralize soft shadows, creating a vibrant and energetic look.

The peach color is bright, brightens and helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and dark circles

Makeup is like skin care! The repair cream regenerates moisture, unifies skin tone and appearance, improves luminosity, significantly smoothes wrinkles and fine lines, provides you with a perfect day appearance while nourishing skin in the most pampering way!

High-quality nutrient serum for your skin! -Our goal is to create a covering agent that combines makeup and skin care nutrition.

The repair cream formula enriches the vitamin content and makes your skin younger and more radiant!

One way to solve all problems! -Micro pigments with color correction and high-tech anti-aging ingredients, this repair cream has the advantages of anti-aging treatment, moisturizing, foundation and SPF. A single product makes it the best solution to solve problems such as redness, dark spots, dark circles, salinity, etc.!

Easy to blend-our repair cream has a soft, fluffy texture and is super easy to blend and absorb into your skin!

Reliable beauty aids-All of our cosmetics and skin care products are hypoallergenic and can be safely used on sensitive skin, even delicate eye areas, and there are no 150 known irritating ingredients found in other skin care products Any kind of personal.

Product Specifications:

Volume: 40 grams