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Rosewood handmade brush

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[Handmade brush with grass and rosewood handle]

The wooden handle is polished by hand and the hair is rolled by hand. The wood has a faint wood aroma

Five eye brushes Brush material: fine-light front wool

From left to right:

Flame-type nose shadow blending brush / nose bridge and brow bone highlighting brush

Full length size: 17cm Hair length: 2cm

Round head eye socket smudge brush

Full length size: 16cm Hair length: 1cm

Eye tip brightening/detail eyeshadow brush

Full length size: 16cm Hair length: 1cm

Medium eye shadow brush/coloring brush

Full length size: 15.2cm Hair length: 1.2cm Hair width: 1cm

Large spreading brush/priming brush

Full length size: 15.5 Hair length: 1.6cm Hair width: 1.3cm

A: Five sets of brushes
B: Flaming head nose shadow smudge brush,
C: Large base brush / spreading brush,
D: Medium coloring brush,
E: Eye socket smudge brush,
F: Eye head and tail brightening/detailed eyeshadow brush