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Silicone Eyeliner Eye Shadow Styling 12 Makeup Brushes Set

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Product description:
Meteorite as rich colors, so that you can change the tone with the perspective of the skin and have different effects, the effect of natural and rich shine.
Silk like soft texture of refined powder, good ductility, so that the color overlays layer by layer, lasting effect, lovely natural, does not fall into powder, does not fade the dye. Ten color palette, suitable for party, makeup studio, stage makeup, to meet different makeup needs.
Eye shadow of ten colors, Suitable for the crowd, all the beauty of women.
The method:
1 using brush dipped in a small amount of light color representation, rub the color of the entire eye plug, do they fade?
2 Use the eye shadow stick you want eye shadow color. (also available directly for the entire eye, and the temperature of the eyeshadow fingers from the roots of the eyelashes to the open halo) and color change from deep to superficial.

Name: 12 Eye Makeup Brushes
Material: nylon wool , plastic
Size: 19 * 12.4 * 2cm

Packing list:
1x Handle
1x Round Crease Set
1x Almond Crease Set
1x Wing Crease Set
1x eye shadow box
12x makeup brushes set