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Silicone Facial Brush

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Looking for a soft and perfect skin? Use this awesome silicone facial brush!

Washing your face is critical for preventing unsavory issues like acne and premature aging. Cleansing just using a hand is the most simple and direct way, but not the completely clean way.

Under the microscope, you can clearly find that pores still contain a lot of dirt, and dead corner clean is not complete. At this time, you'd better with some cleansing tools.

This Face Cleaning Pad will be your best choice. It combines the 4 functions of facial cleansing, blackheads removing, exfoliation, massage, help make your face-washing experience more effective than ever before.

Add this pad to your daily facial care routine for radiant results. These gentle scrubbers clean and exfoliate your skin revealing a more beautiful you.

Tiny Bristles: Used for cleaning sensitive parts of the face such as the corner of eyes, the edges of a nose etc.

Middle Bristles: Remove blackheads and dirt in the pores, exfoliating and remove dead skin cells, soften the skin.

Coarse Bristles: Massage your face, enhance facial blood circulation.


 Face cleaning
 Facial massage
 Blackhead removing

For best results, it is recommended to use the Pad with facial cleanser. Firstly, apply the cleanser on your moisture face, and then use the Pad to gently massage in circular movements, either clockwise or anticlockwise, especially for the nose, repeat tenderly massage is required.


Made of FDA certified silicone material, Both softness, and durability.

Easy to use: 

Silicone suction cup on the back is easy to handle and place.


For long-term durability, wash your brush regularly with mild shampoo and warm water, then dry it naturally.

  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 53mm*54mm*48mm/2"*2.1"*1.9"(L*W*H)
  • Shipping takes from 2-4 weeks internationally.