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Water Drop Beveled Beauty Makeup Egg Puff

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Product Name: Makeup sponge
Material: Latex free sponge
1. Wet and dry, the volume becomes 1.5 greater after soaking the water, which can make your makeup more difficult.
2. The material is super soft, elastic, close to the skin and very comfortable to use.
3. Each bottle has different shaped sponges that use for different areas of your face.
4. Come with a clear plastic bottle which prevents dust and easy to carry.
5. Dry: for powder and loose powder. Strengths, shadows, etc; Wet: for foundation, BB, primer, air cushion, etc.
 Cleaning method:
Put the sponge eggs in a plastic bag and pour an appropriate amount of cleaning solution. After a few minutes of soaking, rub them gently (do not pick them with your nails). After cleaning, put them on a beauty egg holder to dry to prevent mold.