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Water drops obliquely cut wet and dry beauty eggs

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♥ Soft material: made of latex-free sponge, our makeup sponge is free of odor, allergy and environmental protection. It is so soft and smooth. This soft feeling can make your skin impeccable, natural makeup, and form a gorgeous makeup.
♥ Wide range of applications: The makeup mixer can be used for a long time for wet and dry use, and is widely used in various cosmetics, liquid foundation, BB cream, powder cake, concealer, release agent, liquid, powder cake, etc. For makeup lovers and professionals, using this makeup sponge is a great choice.
♥ Save money: Our beauty sponge will not absorb your expensive makeup products and avoid waste, it can be applied evenly like other products. Since the makeup beauty blender absorbs very little cosmetics, it can save you money.
♥ Easy to use and clean: just moisten the beauty sponge with water, squeeze out excess liquid, then bounce the makeup product on the face, and then pat. It is easy and convenient to clean your makeup with a mild shampoo, then squeeze out the excess water, and then air dry the sponge.
♥ Exquisite packaging: including 6 colorful oval beauty sponges and 2 powder puffs. Suitable for all skin types, giving you a smooth and flawless makeup.
★ No latex material, soft feel.
★ Our beauty sponge will become bigger when it is wet, the makeup sponge set can be easily used in dry powder, cream or wet liquid.
★ Both wet and dry.
Wetting agents are used for: BB cream, isolation gel, concealer, CC cream, liquid foundation, stick foundation, concealer, etc.
Drying is used for: orgasm, eye shadow, eyebrow powder, compact powder, concealer powder, orgasm, lipstick, eyebrow powder, etc.
★ Simple to use, easy to clean, faster and easier than other applicators. It is softer than makeup brushes and therefore softer for sensitive skin.
★ Borderless design, to achieve seamless coverage to the greatest extent